We offer tailored marketing services
for the web3 industry.


We combine expertise in emerging tech and data-driven techniques to maximize brand exposure, optimize user acquisition, and drive tangible outcomes.
Our services include:

  • marketing strategy,
  • paid ads, branding,
  • PR, and outreach
  • SEO.


We leverage social media, content marketing, and influencer engagement to foster meaningful connections, establish loyal followings, and drive sustainable growth.
We provide:

  • community management,
  • social media strategy,
  • social media management.


Quasar offers web & app design, smart contract development.

We merge marketing expertise with technical proficiency to deliver seamless user experiences, aligning business objectives with web3 tech capabilities.

Crypto &

From ICOs to DeFi marketing, from tokenomics to exchange listing, we navigate the crypto and blockchain landscape. Our expertise in the crypto and blockchain space enables us to navigate the complex landscape, allowing clients to unlock new opportunities and reach their target market effectively.

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what we believe

Building a strong and engaged community is vital in the web3 realm.



Efficiently market your cryptocurrency, ICO, or blockchain offering in a dynamic and rapidly changing digital environment by employing focused strategies for cryptocurrency promotion.


Utilize our specialized expertise to attract the interest of crucial decision-makers and enhance the visibility of your brand within the realm of business-to-business interactions.


Achieve a competitive advantage in the financial technology sector by leveraging our strategic marketing approaches. Enhance brand awareness, cultivate trust, and stimulate sustainable growth.


Empower your eCommerce venture and equip it with the tools necessary to accomplish significant advancements with Quasar – your trusted digital and marketing partner, supporting you every step of the way.


Launch your start-up with a holistic digital marketing strategy meticulously crafted to ensure success right from the beginning.


Uncover the transformative potential of Quasar in propelling your software company from relative anonymity to achieving a global presence.

our projects

Empower your brand with Quasar’s tech prowess.


The Quasar HQ is in Dubai, UAE.

Each member that joins our team is not only expert in the Web3 space but also passionate about the Web3, whether they have invested in crypto, minted their own NFTs, or know that decentralisation is the future.

We give you an external team of specialists equipped that know how to promote your crypto project and build your ideal community to get the results you desire.

Anwar A.
Anwar A.
CEO & Founder

From Italy, with Moroccan blood, this guy made his way through the marketing environment up to Dubai.

Blockchain and crypto are his passions, that he pursue with focus and determination.

Specialized in web3 marketing and leading projects with big and small teams, he always finds a way to make it work.

Marco C.
Marco C.
Head of Development

For 12 years in the sector of the creation of complex digital projects, following them from the conception to their promotion on the market, thanks to the skills developed and the professional partnerships established over time.
He has increasingly refined the development techniques in order to obtain faster results of superior quality.

Natalia M.
Natalia M.
Content Writer

Meet Natalia, a world-traveling Creative Writer with a knack for captivating diverse audiences.

Originally from Silicon Valley, she weaves style and substance into her work, always ensuring it resonates with the audience.
With expertise as a content strategist and creator, Natalia has led numerous projects in cutting-edge sectors such as Fintech, Blockchain, and AI. Her boundless enthusiasm for technology and innovation shines through in each piece she crafts, creating a compelling and impactful narrative.

Mayowa A.
Mayowa A.
Crypto Analyst

Experienced Cryptocurrency Analyst with 6 years in the field.

Worked with LBank, BKEX, Coinstore and more.

Deep industry network with MEXC, Binance, Kucoin, and others.

Specializes in blockchain, tokenomics, token listing and market trends.

Committed to demystifying cryptocurrency’s ever-changing landscape.

Jessica R.
Jessica R.
SMM and Content Creator

A crypto-savvy social media manager & content creator.

With 4 years of experience, she engages audiences with compelling crypto content, driving industry growth & adoption.

Abhi L.
Abhi L.
Graphic Designer

A passionate graphic designer, with 7+ years of experience.

He is specialized in Logo Design and Brand Identity design.

He has worked with many notable clients like eHarmony, Mozilla, Canon, JCC, etc.


Launch Your
Web3 Success!

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  • Take a deep dive into your business and objectives.
  • Establish tailored strategies that propel you towards your goals
  • Outline expectations, deliverables, and budgets.

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Take a look at our social media,
we always fill them with interesting tips and latest news.

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